How I signed clients without a Freebie

For a long time, I spun my wheels on drafting the PERFECT freebie. My thought was that this one pamphlet, webinar, quiz or whatever the case may be was going to be my NUMBER ONE lead magnet. 

If my funnel was going to have consistent clients. I had to have a freebie. 

Sound familiar? 

This fixation that I had with creating the perfect freebie had me in a bonafide hold. A grip that was so tight I would binge watch others people’s content on “how to make the best lead magnet”. 

I signed up for all the “here’s how to get consistent leads” webinars I could find. Until I realized one major thing

So major it was annoyingly obvious.

What if instead of making a freebie I became the freebie? 

I mean after all the draw is not that this person is getting a PDF or a course its the fact that they are LEARNING valuable information. 

The draw lies in what you can provide not the medium you provide it. 

That meant that I wasn’t bound to a quiz or a webinar. All I needed was something my audience was interested in. 


Instead of pouring all my time into creating the perfect one-and-done product I polled my audience and asked them the type of content they wanted to see. Every time they responded (whether it was one person or not) I would make a post about that exact topic. And then..

I would tell them they would have to read the email to learn about it. 

Now some of you are like “awwww damn thats cold Kierra- why you do people like that?” Don’t get me wrong…this wasn’t alwayssssss the case. But my point is I told my audience if they wanted to learn from me it was going to be through email. 

And can I tell you something?

People always signed up. Even the ones who didn’t engage with the initial poll. Whenever I post on Instagram that I have a fire piece of content dropping in the inbox people want to see it. 

This is the importance of having authority and offering quality content (which I talked about in this post here). When your audience knows you deliver they will be happy to learn from you in whatever way you choose to share. 

The second way I grew my list was from my Investment and Packages guide. Say what you want about not showing your prices but a large percentage of my email list comes from people who are inquiring to work with me. 

Here’s the even crazier part. Is that even after they have access to the guide, 95% of them stay on the list. Ya know what that tells me? It means that the people who are signing up to see my price sheet may not be ready to buy but they do want to hear from me. Even if I’m not selling the service they were interested in they are still an engaged audience. 

So show your prices or don’t show your prices but my personal experience is that if prospective clients value you enough to want to work with you then they likely won’t mind the emails either! 

The marketing methods that I teach don’t have anything to do with a freebie. I think it’s more valuable to position you as the cornerstone of your content rather than a pamphlet you wrote. I do think future tense when it comes to advertising and scaling a freebie can be useful but If I’m being candid…most people who have not mastered selling their service don’t really know what our clients want in order to create a resource for it. 

Some of you are still in the phase of understanding who your client is, what they value and how to position your offer as the go to choice. That is why I focus your VIP day on positioning and strategy rather than telling you to create a PDF out of thin air. 

If you are pouring hours into educational content, and free resources for your audience and you are still not signing clients then apply to My VIP day here. 

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April 27, 2022




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