How I close clients with 2 IG posts a month

I’ll start by saying- My marketing strategy is not for the faint of heart. 

When you have a strategy that requires as minimal contact with IG as possible you have to get really comfortable with 

  • No clicks
  • People telling you you will fail
  • 5 likes on your posts
  • Never going viral

And on and on the list goes. You have to be mentally committed to the idea that…..

Whoever is for me is for me, and my clients will 100% see me even though I’m showing up in a different way. Dielle charon has a great concept about this called client arena’s. Highly recommend listening to this podcast episode. 

When I decided to minimize my Instagram content I knew I was going against the grain- especially as a marketing consultant. Most people in my field stress the importance of being on social media nearly every day utilizing multiple content mediums and yet here I was doing the exact opposite. 

Despite what was trendy I never wanted to use social media as my number one platform. My strategy was and is still entirely focused on getting people to my website or on my email list. Here’s exactly what I did. 

#1. Become known for something.

Pick a lane and stick to it. I know your multi-passionate brain is spazzing out over this but seriously think about it. 

The most renowned individuals are the ones that have a specialty. My favorite triple threat of all time is Jamie Foxx. He has multiple albums and acts and is also a stand-up comedian. But despite him being talented for all three most would say he is known for what?…. His acting. It’s the cornerstone of his career. 

You need a cornerstone of content. You need something that when people come to your page they immediately understand what you specialize in. You need to be known as the marketing guru, the copy guru, the fill-in-the-blank guru. When you are known for one specific thing you gain equity and notoriety in that field and that authority will help draw clients in. 

What I’m describing here is an in-depth view of positioning strategy which is exactly what I teach in my VIP day. If you want to create demand for your services you have to stand out as the best option in your field. 

#2 Become irresistible

The authority helps people get in the door but the quality of education is what keeps people engaged. Adele drops an album once every 5 years but when she does the world literally freezes for a day. She’s so breathtakingly good at her craft that people are in awe of her work. They don’t care that it took her 5 years they just love her for her music and her gift. 

The same goes for your content- Quality over quantity. I have the authority from being niched down and I have the education to make my content rich. Everything that I create is so intentional and well thought out that it helps supports the lack of frequency. My feed post and stories content on IG perform well because of what I’m talking about and how I’m talking about it. 

This is something we also cover in your Vip day (Content is the 4th phase).  Not only do we talk about what you are going to say but also which platforms and which content mediums you should use. If you’re not great at video then let’s talk about what works best. If you have a podcast how can we use that to generate leads? All of this is discussed and planned in your customized VIP day. 

#3 Be consistently consistent

This is the hardest part and it refers to what I mentioned earlier. If you’re making a shift into a less is more marketing model your content is going to initially tank. If you are shifting from tons of video to text only, your engagement will plummet. You are going to have to train your ego not to care. You are going to have to set new goals for yourself and new measures of success because 100’s of views in your stories likely won’t be happening anymore. 

Until- you have the breakthrough. In October I moved over into what I’m calling “minimalist marketing” and everything went to hell. Likes, comments, everything went down the drain. But by November my text only, long-form story views started going up. And not only was everything going up but I was also getting more website taps. Meaning people were clicking in to see what I was selling and reading more about what I had to say. 

It worked because I never folded. I told my audience if they want to learn from me this is how- text only, long-from content. I didn’t buckle and start doing reels, I didn’t cave and start showing my face more. I trained them to expect long-form content and now people know me for it. 

I officially have the trifecta- 

  1. I am clearly positioned as a thought leader when it comes to Marketing. 
  2. I create rich valuable content that draws in future clients for my services
  3. I have an engaged audience that is warmed and primed to purchase my services


I teach these exact same strategies in my VIP day. First, we start with Brand Strategy so we can nail down you’re positioning. Then we build your offer either from scratch or flush out details of a current offer and price it for profitability. It’s not enough just to sell the service you have to make sure you are getting paid! Once you have a sellable offer we break down all your marketing channels, which platforms you should be on, and what to use to get consistent leads. We close out the VIP day creating content so you know exactly how to sell your service. A complete 360 VIP day designed to support you end to end.

Click here to read more about my VIP day. Now booking May- July with payment plans available.


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April 26, 2022




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