You might be wasting time in the DM’s.

I have an amazing engaged audience. I have great conversations in the DM’s. I have people who tell me they are obsessed with my content and my feed.

But you know what?…in 2 years of business my clients have never spoken to me. Their buying journey is always the same thing.

Step 1: They see my content on IG 

Step 2: They Join my email list

Step 3: They read my content in both of these mediums(and sometimes my blog) and they decide to apply for my services

  • They never send me a DM
  • They never tell me “omg I’ve been dying to work with you”
  • They never tell me I’m on their wish list.

They go straight to my website, download the price sheet and apply to work with me.  

They are action takers, not chit-chatters, and because I know this I focus all my attention on multichannel marketing. I know between the blogs, emails, and IG content I’m supporting the conversion process.

PS- I had one client who never responded to my DM’s but faithfully read my emails. After about 6 months of being on my email list she signed on for IG management and she’s been a client for 4 months. If I had solely relied on Instagram I there is a strong chance that I would have never signed this client. 

This is why I consistently preach about multichannel marketing and why I teach this strategy on my VIP day.

It is essential for you to understand your clients’ behavior not just to sign clients but so that you stop wasting your time. A lot of you are spinning out about the friends in your DM’s, or the comments that fawn over you. 

You’re looking at your Instagram like “Ugh what am I doing wrong? All these people like me and yet no one is buying”. That’s because some of those people are either A. Not your ideal client or B. Not at the point of converting to become one. 

When you don’t have clarity around who is just browsing and gassing you up vs someone who is interested you will waste your energy.

In my Vip day, we talk about your buyer’s journey and how to tell the difference between looky-loos and qualified clients. We build a marketing strategy that factors in where your clients will find you, which channels you will use to nurture them and how to interact with potential buyers.  When you understand who is in your funnel and what each person needs to convert you’ll sign more clients and waste less time. 

VIP Day is now booking May – July. Payment plans are available. See the details here!

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April 25, 2022




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