You knocked off your Marketing strategy and it shows.

Ya wanna know what is becoming a sore spot in your marketing? Copying your favorite coach’s marketing strategy because you admire her work and you think if it worked for her it can work for you.

We all have that one coach/mentor that we really look up to. The one that has

  • Already established themselves in the industry.
  • Probably has more IG followers than you
  • Is making more money than you
  • Seems to have a very thriving service that they consistently sell (i.e a membership, group program, 1:1 etc)

Over time this person has become your guiding light, so much so that you begin to mimic their style of marketing. 

They post educational content so you post educational content.

They hop on stories every day, so you hop on stories every day.

They do a lot of reels so you begin to do a lot of  reels

…..and on and on it goes. 

Sounds pretty standard right? I mean who doesn’t slightyyyy mimic their mentor? 

Here’s the problem- You are copying a strategy that sells to their clients…not yours. 

I’ll use an example.

Designers are my favorite accounts to follow. Web designers, brand designers, packaging etc.  ANYTHING pretty and ya girl is there hook, line and sinkerrrrr

Everything they post is freaking stunning. Their feeds are always perfectly curated. Their content is minimalistic and engaging. 

Their Instagram pages look like a complete work of art and also…

…..totally unrealistic for the type of work I do. Why? Because like I mentioned earlier- what their clients need to see vs what mine need to see are two different things. 

You hire a designer based on their ability to design- which is why their feed is focused on showcasing that work. 

You hire a strategist based on their ability to teach you strategy- which is why I focus heavily on education and my niche marketing. Yes, my page is aesthetically pleasing but the content is always intentional and it directly relates back to my offer and audience. 

If I posted a beautiful photo on my feed with a caption that says “now booking for May” it would get me…

…absolutely nowhere. 

That photo doesn’t address my client’s pain points, values, desires, or do anything at all to position myself as the resource for their needs. I effectively have not consulted anyone on anything. 

As a matter of fact, some would say a post like that would feel random on my page.  

Now I used this as a drastic exaggeration but it still conveys the same point-

Some of you are mimicking your favorite coach and the way that they sell without realizing that their client has different needs than yours. 

What your customer needs to hear or see to convert is not the same as your beloved coach. Just like a designer can post art on their page but it would be random on mine. 

Your coach has a different client journey and you copying and pasting that into your brand is quite frankly…

Mucking up your marketing. 

Let’s fix that, shall we?

In my VIP day, we create a custom marketing strategy that is designed for you and your ideal client. We center your marketing around brand positioning- which means you get to create your own stand-out factor in the industry instead of mimicking your favorite coach. We also map out your client journey and the type of content you need to create to specifically sell YOUR offer. A marketing strategy 100% aligned to you, your service, and your dream clients.  NO DIY, or copy and paste involved!

I’ll leave ya with this-

I had to learn the hard way (after many investments) that the answer we all seek comes from within. The biggest disservice to yourself and your business is when you believe that what you have isn’t good enough. That you need to take from the people “better than you” in order to be successful. 

It’s 100% not true.  Or as my god-fearing mother would say – a trick of the enemy I tell ya 🙂

That’s why I created my VIP day to be the YOU show. I help guide but you are what brings your brand to life. 

Apply now here– now booking for May. 

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April 19, 2022




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