Contrary to the trends- Instagram static posts still work

A common misconception about Instagram is that

“Feed posts no longer perform well”
“Feed posts don’t matter as much as they used to”
“All the content we create should be video”
Eeeeeeeeh I completely beg to differ. Here’s why.
A quality marketing strategy should check off 3 different boxes
  • A plan for how to get leads
  • A plan for converting those leads
  • A plan to get clients to come back for seconds
I am a firm believer that not every single platform or every single piece of content is supposed to check off all of those boxes.
In a perfect marketing strategy, you would have a variety of content and channels that filled in all the gaps in your funnel.
Currently, reels are taking care of the How to get leads portion. IG is pushing this content so you are getting lots of traffic and eyes on your brand.
But just because reels is taking care of that box doesn’t mean that it’s checking off the other boxes as well.
This is where feed posts come in.

Feed posts may not help with brand awareness but they can certainly serve as support to converting leads or retaining clientele.

Think of it this way.

When you go to pitch yourself for a job in a Facebook group where do you send them to read more? Instagram

When you’re out casually talking to someone about your business. What’s the first thing they do? Google search and they find your website and probably your Instagram.

When someone wants to work with you as their coach or mentor the first place they are going to look is Instagram.

And the first thing everyone sees when they get there are your FEED POSTS.

Now you’re probably thinking “that the feed posts can be anything”, they can be video, they can be reels or they can be text.

Yes, you are right but despite the hype around video, there are a lot of people who still prefer to read AND retain information better when they scroll at their own pace vs watching a video.

Reels and short-form video content are great for entertainment and getting traffic. They allow you to showcase your personality and they help build trust.

But your feed posts, your long-form content, and your story highlights are all things that your clients READ through BEFORE they decide to hire you.

You need binge-able content and when you put all of that in video format you neglect the clientele that prefers to read.

Not to mention- There are still 4 key mediums that don’t rely on video at all. Email, Blogging, Podcasting, and Pinterest are all channels that are not video-heavy.

Your text feed posts can easily serve as additional content on those channels!

This means….contrary to popular belief- feed posts still serve a very clear and impactful purpose.

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PS— I don’t know about yall but reading the captions on reels can be quite cumbersome. It’s truly not the same experience as being able to swipe through a carousel. What do you guys think?

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August 9, 2022




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