How to market a new service no one ever expected from you.

“I think she does Dubsado also..iono but you’ll have to ask”
That was a comment I recently received from a referral. Two people talking about my services and automate and elevate came up.
Now I’m grateful for the referral but it got me thinking…
How can I turn that doubt “I think” into “I know kierra does XYZ, you should definitely reach out.”
How can I make people confident to refer me?
When I reflect on this scenario I realize- technically it’s my fault because I haven’t gone hard in the paint about automate and elevate since I started offering it.
I simply had too much on my plate to spill all the beans on it.
But I wanted to use this as a teaching moment because It’s an important lesson in positioning.
When you are perfectly positioned….when you take up space in the industry as a thought leader….
People know you….but they know you for the one thing you wanted to be known for. Nothing more, nothing less.
Which means:
A. Job well done because you officially are the queen of your niche. People know I’m a marketing consultant, they know I offer done for you marketing services. I take up this space so much so that I’m referred to by other business owners. THIS IS A GOOD THING.
But B. It means expanding can be a challenge because when you start doing something that people perceive is “out of your scope” everyone gets confused.
That’s when comments like “I think she does Dubsado also” start happening.
So how does one handle something like this? How do you expand your business without making people confused about what you offer? Here is what I recommend

Take the client on the journey which means….. 

  1. Envision who it’s for (aka the customer)
  2. Align it to your brand pillars
  3. Incorporate the above into your messaging. 

So often we like to be busy bees behind the scenes and then we pop up with a brand new perfectly packaged offer like TA DAAA look at my new toy. 

And people look, and they may even express interest but you aren’t KNOWN for it yet. So when they are texting their friends or chatting it up in the DM’s and someone asks them “hey do you know someone who does XYZ” you aren’t at the top of their list. 

Just like I am not top of peoples’ list for systems setup. 

Until…..I take the customer along the journey.

Here’s an example of how to apply this. 

Title of service: Automate and Elevate service- Done for you systems setup (both client management tools and project management tools) Plus custom branded client materials such as designed welcome packets, questionnaires, and Dubsado forms. 


Customer Name Olivia: Olivia is a CEO who sells a high ticket or premium offer and wants every client touchpoint to look elevated. She values having a consistent brand aesthetic not just in her socials but in her client experience as well. She may be queen of the vibes or she just wants everything to look better than google forms; either way she appreciates both the tactical and creative aspects of this service. 

Olivia is currently writing the same 10 emails over and over again and spending a significant amount of her time in 30-minute consult calls. She now realizes she would much rather have these emails sent with a push of a button or auto-set to launch and replace her consult calls with a thorough questionnaire that gives her her time back. 

She has a high-touch business and her clients come first but she also understands the importance of efficacy and she values streamlining her processes. She wants smooth transitions into her services and clean offboarding plans. She desires to make her clients feel well taken care of and at ease while simultaneously running the rest of her company. 

Let’s pause right here 

Note I did not say anything about Dubsado, Honeybook, ClickUp etc. I didn’t say anything about designing their PDF’s in Canva and making templates that are easy to edit. I didn’t say any of these things because that’s not what I’m selling. What I’m selling and who I created this service for was the CEO who values customer experience. And not just any kind of customer experience but a thoughtful and detailed one that also gives back their time. 

I focused on selling to the CEO not selling the tools and the means to accomplish the task. 

Now that I have the customer let’s move on to the brand values. 


How in the heck does this connect to my overall brand mission. What do systems setup and welcome guides have to do with marketing? 

Reason #1- The best marketing in the game is referral marketing. Referral marketing comes from great execution and stellar customer experiences.  For obvious reasons I cant deliver the service on your behalf but I can support creating a phenomenal customer experience. 

Reason #2: My studio is a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs and referral marketing is a key part of that. 

We consult (aka my VIP day) with you to build a strategic marketing plan that helps you generate brand awareness for your high ticket offer. 

We execute your marketing plan by owning all of your content creation.(aka Media Management) 

We help you improve your customer experience so you can build brand loyalty that in response- results in return clients and referrals. (Aka Automate & Elevate)

Reason #3: My clients asked for this. In every single client questionnaire for my VIP day, all of them said they struggled with marketing strategy, content creation, and systems setup. They said their back-end systems were chaotic and they were unmotivated to market their services because they felt disorganized. What’s the point of getting clients if you cant actually serve them? 

These 3 reasons made this service a perfect fit for my studio. 

STEP 3: Add it to your messaging

You’ll notice as I add in all these layers- who the customer is, and how it aligns with the greater brand mission all of it starts to connect. 

When you’re reading this you are like ahhh this actually makes a lot of sense on why she’s offering this. 

But it makes sense to you now because I’m putting it out there as a part of my messaging. Future tense you’ll see this customer experience become a bigger part of the KLC brand. It will be synonymous with marketing, my one-stop shop concept, and brand pillars.  

Sadly this is where people get tripped up because they don’t know how exactly to convey the pivot or the expansion to their audience. 

This is when fear sets in

  • “ Am I being chaotic?”
  • “Are people going to be so confused?”
  • “ What if no one buys this?” 

Let me clear something up for you– your doubt is not actually associated with the fact of whether it is a good idea or not. It’s associated with the belief that people won’t think it will be. And to be honest with you they probably won’t. Some people will in fact think it’s random. 

But the people who want the service will be happy to hear about it and that’s exactly who you should focus on. 

You have a responsibility with your messaging to take your client along the journey. It’s to your and their benefit when you decided to boldly innovate and “talk your stuff!”. =)

Hope that helps!


XX Kierra

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August 7, 2022




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