Shifts I see in the Marketing Industry

Shift Number 1: The coaching industry is demanding more than just pain point marketing. 

Don’t get me wrong this type of marketing is and always will be relevant- however, the Gordan Ramsey Hells Kitchen approach is not the vibe. (Candidly raising my hand here because I know I’ve done my fair share of this).  

The shift is people no longer want to be told what the problem is. They want to be told the problem AND they want a perspective on the solution. 

Keep in mind perspective is different than offering the solution itself. I’m not saying that because you point out a client problem that you have to be responsible for delivering the 5 ways to fix it. That’s going to get you in an endless cycle of educational content and giving away all your resources for free.

What I’m saying is there should be balance. You can offer both the answer itself and also your perspective on the solution that will help bridge the gap between your clients’ pain points and your service.

People want to see pain point marketing because they want to know that “hey this person understands my struggle” BUT in a way that shifts their perspective. In order to successfully do that you have to be in tune with what your audience thinks about their problems and how they view the solutions to their problems.

You have to master speaking their language. 

The second shift is the industry is leaning more into ethical inspirational and empowerment marketing.

Other industries have been doing this for years but it’s starting to become more and more prevalent in modern-day coaching.

I noted the word ethical because empowerment tends to come with a lot of…..fluff. It can sound like someone is selling a dream. The obsession with 10k months and laptop lifestyle sometimes distracts from the actual work the clients need to put in to see the result they desire. Service providers have been able to sell this concept of 10hr work weeks without properly displaying the grit and behind-the-scenes work it takes to get there.

The shift that I see happening is A. pulling back the curtain and B. how to make people feel drawn to your services through sheer inspiration and attraction.

One of my favorite examples of this type of marketing is car commercials. They always tell a story without actually telling you to buy the car.

Take Matthew Mcconaughey in a Lincoln commercial for example. He’s got the slick black hair, wearing an all-black suit driving a Lincoln car decked out with leather and chrome. The vibe is he’s sexy, he’s sophisticated and if you want to be like him you should buy a Lincoln.

To a guy like Jake from state farm (the original one, not the recent piece of chocolate eye that Lincoln looks mighty fine. Obviously, he’s not going to transform into Matthew Mcconaughey but gosh he sure does want to. And that guy is probably going to buy a Lincoln. 

This is how people should feel when they see your content. They should want to embody the exact same things you do. If you are looking to sell a 4 figure service or work in the luxury industry then your messaging should feel electric. Your lifestyle both within work and outside of it should feel desirable.

These two shifts- Shifting the narrative around pain points and empowering people to tap into your services are going to help you expand your marketing.

And then taking that messaging and putting it in multiple locations (cough cough Omni Channel) is even better.

What are some of the shifts you think are happening in marketing!? Comment below or head over to insta to chat!

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June 27, 2022




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