When should I diversify my Marketing?


People often ask me- Kierra when is a good time for me to switch things up? When should I start marketing myself on a different platform?

My answer:

When your business can operate from a place of safety. 

What does safety look like? 

When your business is financially secure enough so that your mind is mentally out of  “if I don’t sign a client I won’t eat mode” 

Because here’s the thing…..

When you NEED marketing and sales to make ends meet your alignment and your strategy will be off.

For example: Say you’re struggling to market yourself and book clients via Instagram. You decide “it’s time to start marketing myself elsewhere” and you begin to dive headfirst into TikTok or Pinterest. 

From that moment on, you’re not just using those platforms to help the business you’re using them because you NEED them for business. 

This need means 

  • There is no room for failure
  • There’s no time for you to test or learn the app (you’re likely going to just rush something together to get it up quick)
  • There’s no time for you to strategically think so you in turn become this content-creating machine.

And here’s the even scarier part– is that at the beginning expanding your business onto a new platform will feel exhilarating. It will fill nice to learn a new app and finally experience life outside of Instagram. 

You’ll be on cloud 9 after your pins start getting impressions and your TikTok videos get views. 

It will FEEL like the business is FINALLY moving forward.  

Month 2 will come along and you’ll be thinking to yourself  “the clients will be here any day now…I just gotta keep going” 

Month 3 comes along and you are exhausted and frustrated. You’ve been doing everything under the sun and giving your all these platforms and yet NO Clients!!

How? Why is this happening!? I thought I was supposed to diversify my marketing and broaden my reach!? 

Yes, you were. BUT not like this. 

Here’s what I recommend instead 

Take care of your bread and butter first and MASTER IT. 

Look back at however you signed your last few clients and rinse and repeat it. Your brain is going to trick you. It’s going to tell you that that client you signed in January  “was a one-time thing” or the way you signed that client “is so played out It won’t work anymore”. 

Don’t listen to it. Buckle down and tap in. I guarantee you that in a world where people are overwhelmed by information no one is clocking that you use the same tactics. Use the method that works until you can successfully get your business back in the game.

And then once that has happened, start to edge your way into diversifying.

Here’s what that looks like in my business-

Y’all know I love pretty much everything other than Instagram. BUT

I sign clients on Instagram, particularly in my stories. So guesssss where my behind is…on Instagram and in my stories! 

I also have Pinterest and email running in the background. HOWEVER * major key here*

I DO NOT look for those platforms to keep me booked and busy. Those platforms are new to my business, and I’m LETTING them be new. I don’t stress about email clicks or Pinterest impressions because I’m not LOOKING for those to make me money. 

My Omnichannel marketing plan works because I understand what each of these platforms does for my business. 

When you get ready to expand you need to consider:

  • What does my business absolutely need in order to maintain? 
  • If I want to grow on a new platform do I fully understand what I want this to do for my business? What are my expectations for this platform?


When you have that nailed down you can build from there.

2 ways I can help

My consulting service (VIP DAY).  This is a done-in-a-day business and marketing plan where we build your strategy from top to bottom. We talk about the questions and strategies listed above, where your business needs to be, how to build an Omnichannel marketing plan, where and how to effectively sell your service and so much more!

My done for you service ( SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT).  If you want me to own all your marketing for you, you can sign up for my Pinterest and Instagram management service. Cart is currently closed but waitlist is open. You can see the details on the service page and shoot us an email to be added!

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XO- Kierra Conover

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April 11, 2022




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