Should you invest in a Coach or a Consultant?

In the online space, there is this constant question of who should I invest in? With so much promo online it can be hard to tell what is best for your business. 

Personally, I think it depends on who you are and the stage your business is in. 

Let’s start with the people who probably need COACHING. 


When you are just starting out in business you still don’t know exactly what you want. You have a good sense of it but you need help taking your amazing ideas and learning how to execute them.  

Coaching is the perfect fit because one of its core elements is empowering you to discover your own answers.  

Beginners are in the learning phase of everything. Learning about entrepreneurship, strategy, business management, mindset (self-trust, healing, etc). 

Money and resources are likely limited which makes them the PRIME audience for 

  • Courses
  • Digital Products
  • Memberships
  • Paid Facebook groups 
  • Essentially anything that is low-cost and community-centric. 


The second fans of coaching are the experts. For now, we will label them as the people who are consistently signing and scaling their business. Multiple 6 figures and on their way to a mili!

These are the service providers who we aspire to be like, and in my opinion, they still heavily rely on coaching. 

Often times you will hear that they have a network of done for you providers (I.e a VA or a SMM) and they are often investing 15,000 and up in their coaching. Masterminds, 1:1 coaching, and more. 

Some of them are hiring multiple coaches at a time. 

Their offer and their business are already proven. They are investing because they want to become better leaders, find balance, pivot…whatever it may be. 

** note I’m shooting a little in the dark here since I haven’t hit this milestone yet, but based on the coaches I’ve interacted with this is what they have said!



In between beginner and expert is what I call the middle guy- the intermediate crowd. 

This crowd is out of the beginner phase and working hard to get consistent income in their business. 

They are mentally in grind mode and working tirelessly to push their brand to the next level. 

Up until this point, their investments have been fairly reasonable. The $25 digital products, the templates, the $45 webinar tickets, the courses, and more. 

But they are coursed, and templated..outtttttt. 

In this phase in your business, you just want the answer. You’re past the point of someone “pointing you in the right direction”. You don’t want sleazy marketing tactics and ambigious sales pages. 

You want details, proof, hard cold facts that your next investment will work. 

What this crowd really needs is a consultant. A strategist that takes you from point A to point B and fix your specific problem.

Now we all know what I do and if ya don’t you can take a peek here.

But to recap my overall take is….

Beginners do well in coaching because it’s accessible, builds confidence, gives them access to a community and lays strategic and mental foundations for their business.

Intermediate to advance is when you’ve either run into a snag or business is great and you’re learning how to amplify it. At this stage of the game you are more clear and specific on what you want to do and you understand the roadblocks preventing you from getting there. This is exactly why I think consulting is better than coaching at this stage.

Coaches are doctors, consultants are surgeons.

If you’re a beginner and it’s your first time with a problem you need a doctor. You probably don’t know what the overall issue is.

Once you discover the problem, you might need surgery. AKA a consultant. Once the surgery is over you might need to go back to the doctor for a check up. All designed to help you get better just in different ways.

So now that you know the difference which does your business need!?


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March 31, 2022




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