Your last investment didn’t work because you…

I recently made a post where I talked about how people buy into flashy headlines but forget to read the fine print. For example, My headline is I signed clients within 3 weeks of launching, and I continued to sign more each month after that. 

The fine print is I have 11 years of marketing and merchandising experience. I have a HUGE advantage over another newbie entrepreneur. 

I can create, position, and sell something with my eyes closed because I’ve been trained to do so. 

These nitty-gritty details are what sets me apart from my competition. 

It’s also how I know that the reason you’re here is that….. you fell for someone else’s headline. 

I’ll tell you the cycle you’re in…and If I’m wrong..I want you to write me back… DEAL?

You’re an entrepreneur who isn’t a total newbie. You’ve had a business before or have done really well in your career. You have enough knowledge to start your business and sign a few clients if you haven’t done so already. 

The first investment you made was something small- a digital product, or a webinar. You were happy about it because for a while you were living off freebies and online trainings. The investment was affordable and you were excited to move the needle in the right direction.

The webinar or digital product taught you a thing or two. For a while, you were doing well. But then a few months pass and something disconnects. 

You tell yourself OK. Time for me to invest again. 

You level up by buying a course or a group coaching program. You’re entertaining the idea of 1:1 coaching but it’s a lil  expensiveeeeee. Sooooo….course it is. 

Again you learn a thing or two and you’re happy. You tell yourself THIS will work because I read the reviews. Other people said it worked. I stalked this coach online. She seems successful. 

This IS IT. 

But…months or let’s even give it a year shall we? You’re now feeling a bit burnt out. 

  • You’ve had a year of freebies, video modules, Facebook groups, courses, and more. 
  • You’re starting to explore other options, even considering if you should just stick to your day job or get one.  
  • You’re also considering hanging on to your business. 1:1 coaching is starting to look a lot more appealing. 
  • By now you’ve seen my content and checked out my VIP DAY.  

But your hesitant because 


For the love of sweet baby J why is it so expensive. 

Let’s talk about this and the word expensive? I feel like since I’ve read your mind that makes us friends. So lets dive in. 

We like to put a price on help but minimize the cost we already spent to get us here. AKA nowhere. 

  • We say hiring a VA is too expensive but so is the amount of time you spend on tasks that take you away from signing clients 
  • We complain that car insurance is too expensive but so is the cost of having to pay for a new one if something happens. 

In life we understand- we have to invest in ourselves to protect ourselves from the worst-case scenario. 

The same concept applies to our business. 

The worst-case scenario is you keep buying investments that are a complete waste of your time

The worst-case scenario is that the business fails because you’re too burnt out to do anything for it. 

The decisions you’ve made thus far ARE EXPENSIVE. 

The time you are letting pass by IS EXPENSIVE

The clients are going to someone else because you haven’t owned your vision yet. 


Expenses are bigger than just what comes out of your bank account. There are mental expenditures, emotional ones, physically taxing things that we do. They all cost us something and if you’re here…it’s because you’re running low on one of them. 

I’ll let you in on a secret. I only take 3 VIP clients a month because it’s important for me to hold space for you. I know you’re coming in with a lot of STUFF and I’ve created the VIP day to tackle all of that head-on. 

If you’re running on empty- let’s hop on a call. I’d love to help you. 

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November 3, 2021




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