We were THIS close to losing it all…

When my husband and I got married a few years ago we decided to build an in-law unit onto my parents’ house. Our plan was simple and straightforward.

We were going to build an in-law unit and live in it until the housing bubble popped and we could buy our home. We couldn’t afford anything with the current rates so we needed a crash, and when it came we were going to be ready.


And while the housing market did crash…so did our household. My husband lost his job, and our plans for buying a home “at the opportune time” went out the window.

We spent all of 2020 living on one income while simultaneously trying to build my business. To call it a stressful nightmare would be an understatement.

And then in 2021, we saw the light again. God blessed my husband with a job and we finally had our shot at the house.

We weren’t as ready as we wanted to be- nothing is ever perfect when buying a home, especially after a global pandemic. But we stepped out on faith and we went for it. In May we went into escrow and we couldn’t have been happier.

In the midst of all of this was my business….that was in serious need of help. I had spent a year hustling, and saving, and trying to help my husband get back on his feet. My mind was nowhere nearrrrr my studio.

I was being a busy bee in my business but not getting the traction I wanted; mentally I was out of it. I had invested before and I was trying to make good with the stuff I already bought because I knew….the timing for all of this was the absolute worst.

I just bought a house and my boujee self hired an interior designer to decorate it. 

There were not ANY funds whatsoever to hire a coach.

But I KNEW it was the missing key and I had to make it work. So I messaged the coach I wanted to work with. I told her my situation and I begged her….No joke there is a voice note of me somewhere on Instagram pleading with her to take me on. She was gracious enough to work with me and I’m eternally grateful for the growth I’ve had.

In the midst of the worst timing ever

In the midst of uncertainty

In the midst of not signing clients and hustling

I committed myself to invest in my business

I bet on myself

And I bet on my vision

And because we’re probably the same I can bet… you are probably in a sitch of your own. 

  • You’re currently on your 3rd or 4th investment and nothing has clicked
  • You’ve read my sales page a few times before actually signing up for the packages, and now you’re looking at it thinking Wooo this is steep
  • You’re considering if you really need A VIP DAY that bad and if you’ve already decided that you do then you’re currently collecting coins to do so.
  • You’re telling yourself you will be back later. 

Listen, no judgment. I’ve been there.

But I also know that after every “enter roadblock to investing” is another one waiting around the corner.

At first, my husband was unemployed- so no money then. Then he gets a job so we buy a house- welp there goes our money again. Then once we move in we want to install a pool, and after that comes the savings for kids. OH AND DID I mention I don’t have a car? Kinda need one of those.

If you get on that path you will look up one day and the business won’t be a business anymore. It will become just a…. thing you do from time to time. 

There comes a certain point (this point) in a business where our own self-trust is broken. We need an outside opinion. We need someone to sort through the mess with us.

We have it together but we are just one french fry short from losing it.

So in the name of not losing all your marbles, In the name of investing even with bad timing.

Choose yourself- and book a chat with me. 

Hope to talk to you soon. 


October 29, 2021




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