How I signed 4 figure clients with 3 simple principles

I signed 4 figure paying clients with 300 instagram followers

I booked $1,000 in monthly revenue in less than 2 weeks of my brand launch

I sold my VIP day 7 days after creating it

  • Without a single video
  • Without a viral reel
  • Without ever going live.

Here’s how…

I focused on my messaging, positioning, and serving the heck out of my clients.


I got really clear on who I would serve and who I wouldn’t. I started to implement that in all aspects of my business starting with my product suite. I expanded into a studio offering 3 additional services, all of which where client led. I spent months intently listening and I heard 3 key things.

  1. From their VIP day they had the messaging strategy but didn’t have time to implement it. They wanted a DFY service so I started offering social media management!
  2. From their VIP day they had the brand strategy but didn’t have anyone to create the brand visuals. They wanted someone to give their brand a sense of identity so in comes branding services! 
  3. People seemed to really enjoy my moodboards and creative eye. I showed everyone behind the scenes of brand photoshoot and I started to get a lot of DM’s about people working with me on a project like that. In comes photoshoot directing. 

Here’s the thing…some people may call this amature. You don’t just create services out of thin air because people ask for them.

This is what I have to say to really is that simple. When it’s your business there is no red tape. In business we almost tell ourselves IT HAS to be hard. It can’t just be as simple as saying I’m doing this and then… poof it’s there. However- when you have clarity on your messaging, positioning, and how to serve, it really can be that easy.

I launched my social media services on a monday and by friday I had booked 7 discovery calls. Less than a week later I signed 2 clients and landed $1000 in monthly revenue.

I signed those clients in part because I was consistently warming my audience. Educating, and standing true to my content. I didn’t batch reels to get these clients. As a matter of fact I did the opposite. I posted a note to my audience asking who would read text based content from me and I started a special friends group where I served my audience with educational marketing content. I put the ball back in my court- I didn’t let social media dictate how I was going to book clients.  


I had a MAJOR shift in my messaging because here’s the harsh truth…I was tired of talking to broke business owners. People who hmmmm and hawwed at investing. People who lacked a do-er mindset. I wanted go-getters, powerhouses; I wanted to work with people who inspired me.

I started putting out content that was powerful, impactful and intentional. I wanted business owners who when they spoke with me they were just as clear as I was. “Kierra is a business owner who knows who she serves” and my clients are entrepreneurs who know what they want.

This is something I noticed is extremely hard for new entrepreneurs to implement. They focus so much on alienating clientele that they don’t think about the inverse- what if your methods actually attract your ideal client?

What if you didn’t fear being direct and it actually caused you to close more clients?

Messaging doesn’t happen overnight. It takes A LOT of work so I won’t sell you a bag of dreams that all you have to do is X. However, if you lean into the above I can guarantee you it will be easier!.


Always always go above and beyond where you can because clients will remember the way you make them feel not the job you did.

I interviewed 7 people before I finally hired my interior designer.

I’ll pretend you asked me why and I’ll tell youit’s because she gave the most to me for free. She took my calls and questions while she was on vacation, she sent me 3 different proposals to accomodate my budget, she sourced talent and negotiated rates with her counterparts to fit our needs.

She did all of this before I even paid her a dime.

She was thousands more expensive than all the other candidates, she was the furthest away from me, but I wanted to work with her because her service was impeccable. Her dedication made me feel safe and that my home was going to be in amazing hands.

I’ve applied this same model to my business. The best compliment I could ever receive from a client is “I enjoyed working with you”. My VIP day is not called VIP in just name but also experience. I want my clients to feel like they have my undivided attention and that the service was premium from the moment they signed on.

This again goes back to branding- I wanted to work with people who wanted this type of treatment. I was intentional in both my messaging and even my visual branding (luxurious and elevated). All of the dots should connect so that your clients are taken along a consistent brand journey.

I know I know….easier said than done. So when your ready to learn how to do this for your know what to do! My VIP day is here for you. 

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September 13, 2021




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