3 Ways to Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb


There’s a term for this thrown around quite a bit: “imposter syndrome.” The way I define it is “being so crippled by comparison that it hinders you from tapping into your fullest potential.” ⁠⠀
As a new business owner, imposter syndrome is something that I’ve struggled with quite a bit! But these last few weeks of rest and relaxation have given me time to think of how I can overcome the feeling of being an imposter. Keep scrolling to read!


Call me a cynic, but my goal is to not permanently get rid of imposter syndrome. Instead, I focus on ways that I can manage it so that it doesn’t cripple me. When it creeps back up, I check it for what it is. Sometimes it wins and sometimes I will. However, in accepting that, I’ve allowed it not to not have complete control over my life.


I have an entire folder called comparison. I could be cute and say its “inspo” or “goals,” but the truth is, it’s not. These are Instagram pages, couples, fitness accounts, coaches, that I don’t just admire or aspire to be more like–they are the grading scale with which I measure my success. There is something cathartic about filing it away in a folder so that I don’t keep checking it all the time. I mean who wants to look at a folder called “comparison”? I don’t! A little mind trick to play for yourself!


Every now and then, I need a high five before I take the leap. I sent my website to my friends a full week prior to launching it. I needed their feedback and support. If you’re feeling like you’re not good enough, then shoot that content, new product, extra service idea, or whatever it is in your business & send it to a good friend before you go live.


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May 3, 2021




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