3 Easy Steps for Branding Your Business

So you’ve started a business, congratulations! But now you want to build your business’ brand….But where to start? You’ve searched and scoured the internet for any and all advice, tips, and tricks for creating and building your business’ brand.However, all of those hacks can start to feel, well, a little overwhelming!

When I started, years and years ago, I just wanted someone to simplify things for me. I mean, I had just started my business, and “free time” wasn’t in my vocabulary! I didn’t have time to sift through and make sense of everything I was reading. I needed something simple, and easy to understand. So I created a streamlined, three-step process for building a strong brand for your small business. 

But first, what is a brand? It’s more than the cute logo you spent countless hours drafting, and more than the website that you meticulously laid out. A brand is a business’s reputation–and a reputation always precedes a person, or in this case, a business. It’s everything a client or customer thinks about when they think about your business as a whole. It’s their experience working with you, it’s the reviews they leave you, and the referrals they give you. Branding is everything! Although the thought of building a brand can seem a little daunting, with these three easy steps, you can build your brand with ease & confidence.


Step 1: Brand Strategy

This is where every business owner should begin. Most people dive into a logo, website, etc. However, before you even get to that, you should have a point of view on who your customer is, and what your brand stands for. ⁠⁠For example, if you are committed to sustainability, then you’ll want to highlight that in your brand. Think of this as a mission statement, or a value statement. 


This leads us to


Step 2: Marketing Strategy

This is bigger than content and way bigger than Instagram or other social media platforms. Your marketing isn’t just a caption or bio, it’s the culmination of your brand’s voice, your message, and your “why”. Your marketing strategy is telling the customer “Hey! This is what I’m all about. This is why you should buy from me,” and more importantly, “Here are the problems I can solve for you!” ⁠

⁠⁠And finally (see I told you this was simple!)


Step 3: Customer Experience:

This is the combination of your branding and marketing, and how you embody that for your client or customer. Some questions to ask yourself as you move onto this step: are you providing your customers with a memorable experience? Are you delivering on your messaging? Have you given them the best possible service? Have you made them a priority and showed them just how valuable and important they are to you?  


There you have it ladies, three steps for building a strong brand! Let me know how these steps work for you! 


P.S. I can’t wait for you all to see the amazing things that are coming from KLC, keep your eyes peeled for more!


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April 19, 2021




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