Paid Ads Aren’t The Solution to Your Marketing Problems

If you’re a new business looking to market your products or services online, then paid ads on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest can be super tempting; however, they are NOT always the answer. In order to understand why paid ads may not be right for you, you’re going to need to be honest with yourself. A lot of times, people choose to use paid ads because

  • They compare themselves to others that are “doing well” or have more followers & cave to the pressure of wanting more followers, more likes, etc even though that isn’t the most sustainable marketing option.
  • They are impatient with their own growth process and are chasing after the “60k in 60 days” headline we see floating around like it’s normal (NEWSFLASH: It’s not normal & there is nothing wrong with you if you aren’t there yet).

Why these reasons won’t cut it in the long run:

None of these reasons to begin a paid ad campaign have ANYTHING to do with actually solving your brand’s marketing issues.  If you are struggling to get organic traffic to your website or draw organic interest to your socials, then paying people to visit won’t help. These people are not using ads to strategically market their business, they are using ads because their current marketing strategy is NOT working.

Instead of trying to figure out why people aren’t showing interest in their product or brand, they are jumping straight into paid ads, instagram boosts, or jumping to another app that they think will give them a better result.

Here’s what you should do instead:

  1. Level up your market research: Do you understand why your customers are not engaging with your marketing? Are you targeting the right audience? Do you understand their pain points and know how to get through to them?
  2. Level up your brand positioning: Shift your mindset from “nothing is working” to, “I need to identify the specific problem in my marketing strategy so that I can commit to finding a solution.” Your traffic stems solely from your messaging, so you may just need to work on your brand positioning.
  3. Level up your data analysis: Your follower count is NOT real data! Identify what your key performance metrics are for your marketing strategy & gauge your overall performance. If you don’t have KPI’s, therein lies your problem.

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Why you shouldn't use paid ads on Instagram or Pinterest


April 7, 2021




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