4 ways to spot a coach who isn’t for you

Coaches teach from a place of experience and from what they believe in. Yes, there are coaches who transform businesses that are set up entirely different than theirs; HOWEVER, all coaches should be practicing what they preach….


  • Their style of coaching
  • The strategy and methods they offer
  • The mindset work and advice they give

Will all inadvertently affect your brand. After all, that IS what you’re paying for. You’re paying for advice, expertise, and a transformation.

Sometimes someone will sell very confidently to you and you’re convinced this is the RIGHT move but let’s breakdown some things you should think through first.

1.Look at their offers

If they are selling 10 digital products or selling courses and you know you have zero interest in those things- then that coach might be a pass for you. I made the mistake of doing this with KLC. I paid for a course and her style of teaching didn’t really prepare me for 1:1 coaching. It gave me a ton of knowledge, but it lacked the intimacy that I wanted to provide for my clients. I ultimately reinvested elsewhere with a coach that I really connect with! Hi @regan

2. Look at their branding:

I see this mistake A LOT with hiring DFY service providers. STOP hiring website designers with bright colors and abstract shapes when you know your brand is deep and minimalistic. Their website is their portfolio, it’s a representation of the type of company they are!

3. Look at their marketing:

What do they consistently talk about over and over again. Yes, they probably have amazing results, and they obviously know how to sell otherwise you wouldn’t be considering them. BUT do you jive with the way they tell their story? Do you like how they grew their business? For example, If posting 3 times a day is not something that’s sustainable for you then don’t hire a coach who encourages that style of growth.

4. Be specific with your goals:

There are a lot of coaches in the online space, and our taglines can all start to sound one and the same. For example, a social media strategist is not the same as a social media manager. One may be more of a consultant while the other is a DFY service. Think through your business goals and choose a coach in alignment with that!

Simply PUT don’t take advice from someone whose brand is not your vibe and certainly don’t pay for it.

Name a time you’ve made this mistake in your business? I feel like we’ve all been their right?!


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March 6, 2021




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