I want to grow my business on Social Media but nothing works?

We’ve all been there when we’ve started promoting our content and thennnn…. crickets. No customers, no client leads, no consultation calls, just a blank calendar waiting to be filled.

I.have.been.there! Not only have I experienced this first hand but I’ve also done the natural human response which is- to blame something else. There is no wayyyyy it could possibly be me because I’ve checked all my boxes right? 

  • I have the Instagram theme: CHECK
  • I have the swipe up feature: CHECK
  • I have a lot of people saying my content is good: CHECK

So whyyy am I not getting customers?

Before we go any further just know I’m not here to sell you on

  • a hashtag bundle that’s going to increase your engagement.
  • I’m not here to tell you to buy this $10 digital product and the cure to how I grew my page.
  • I’m not here to sell you on any of those things

I’m here to ask you a question.

Have you ever considered the problem is not Social Media? That it’s not the algorithm, the hashtag method, or your captions?  And that paid advertising and the $27 digital product is NOT going to give you the answer? 

Here is what will. Looking inward and asking yourself:

WHY are you creating content- for likes or because it’s something your passionate about?

WHO are you creating content for- if you don’t know, therein lies your problem.

WHERE are you promoting yourself- are you even on the right platforms. Reminder if the customer isn’t there then you are on the wrong one. 

WHAT is your messaging- you should have a clear point of view for your content every single time you post. 

If you can answer the above questions you won’t just have growth with just social media, you’ll have clarity with your overall marketing plan. If you’re ready to create a strategy for your business then I’d love to help you! Click here to begin the journey! 



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March 5, 2021




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