How I get over the business burnout

Say what you want to say about the beauty industry but makeup makes me feel confident. 

I love to spend my mornings with a cup of coffee, a Bible podcast, and my morphe makeup brushes. I feel good, I feel organized I feel PUT TOGETHER. 

As an entrepreneur, you feel the need to be “put together” all the time. Have all the answers, the ideas, and the will to get out of bed even when you don’t want to. Unlike glamourous makeup days working on your business isn’t reserved just for when you feel like it. A typical day for me is usually ONE really awesome spark and then the rest is….

  1. Lost in the world of social media apps
  2. Trying to manage the behind the scenes of my business while juggling the front end of things
  3. Unsure of the direction I want (hello imposter syndrome) so I just scroll aimlessly on social media like my life has no purpose.

Can you relate? As a coach it hard to admit but the reality is my business is truly no different than yours. The only difference between walking away from it all and pulling myself together is I make a conscious effort to practice these 3 methods.

Do at least one thing in your business that makes you happy

Doesn’t matter if it’s unpopular or if it doesn’t pay the bills. Have something that gives you unadulterated joy! For me, it’s creating graphics for my website or social handles. People always ask me if I’m a designer and if I offer these as a service. It’s my happy place and a little gem I keep just for myself.

Set some boundaries

We typically start to lose our marbles when we have people pulling us in every direction. Exhaustion sinks in and you begin to doubt. If boundary setting is difficult for you make a list of the areas you’re unhappy with and commit to setting a boundary for one item a week.

Get all your thoughts out

This is the part where most people say take a break, put the computer down, go for a walk. But if your a perfectionist like me then you know these types of advice sorta go right over our head. So I’m going to give you some practical advice from one workaholic to another. Get that ish out of your system. My method is writing a to-do list, but for others, it’s voice recording or video filming. Literally, sit down and word vomit. Give yourself the freedom to create without HAVING the answer, or being organized.

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February 10, 2021




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